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The Sundance Stompede is proud to donate 100% of its net proceeds to deserving nonprofit organizations. This year we are proud to name the Center For Immigrant Protection as our rotating beneficiary in addition to our fixed beneficiaries, the AIDS Emergency Fund and Sundance Association.

Center For Immigrant Protection

Center For Immigrant Protection

LGBT individuals throughout the world are subjected to unthinkable violence and abuse on account of their sexuality and/or gender identity. The US government explicitly recognizes these individuals as a class in particular need of protection. However, it is difficult for asylum-seekers to navigate the complex US immigration system on their own. Quality legal representation increases the chance of success from 13% to 75%, but can cost thousands of dollars.

The Center for Immigrant Protection’s LGBT Asylum Project is the only Bay Area non-profit program dedicated solely to offering pro-bono legal representation to vulnerable LGBT immigrants fleeing persecution abroad and seeking protection in the United States.

Center For Immigrant Protection
315 Montgomery Street, Suite 915
San Francisco, California 94104

AIDS Emergency Fund

AIDS Emergency Fund

The AIDS Emergency Fund provides emergency financial aid to those with AIDS or disabling HIV who have been economically devastated by these diseases. Serving the greater Bay Area since 1982, the AIDS Emergency Fund provides direct assistance towards the cost of basic living needs such as food, shelter, utilities and medication.

In 2016 the AIDS Emergency Fund merged with the Positive Resource Center. The AIDS Emergency Fund remains a volunteer-driven and community-supported organization. Its handful of full-time staff are augmented by dozens of client intake volunteers, the fundraising efforts of businesses and community groups, and countless men and women throughout San Francisco and beyond who support the agency through their donations and gifts of time and dedicated service.

AIDS Emergency Fund
12 Grace Street, Ste 300
San Francisco, CA 94103

Sundance Association for Country-Western Dancing

Sundance Association

The Sundance Association for Country-Western Dancing is an all-volunteer community-based 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to the promotion of country-western dancing through instruction, performance, and the presentation of public dance events, without discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation. The Sundance Association is best known for its twice-weekly event, Sundance Saloon, its annual country-western dance weekend, the Sundance Stompede, and its participation in community events such as the San Francisco Gay Pride celebration and the Castro Street Fair. The Sundance Association is proud to have raised over $380,000 for other worthy nonprofit organizations over the past nineteen years.

The Sundance Association
2261 Market Street, PMB 225
San Francisco, CA 94114