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6:30 –11:00 pm
Sundance Saloon
550 Barneveld Ave.

7:30 pm –1:00 am
Holiday Inn
1500 Van Ness Ave.

7:30 pm –1:00 am
Regency Ballroom
1300 Van Ness Ave.

5:00 –11:00 pm
Sundance Saloon
550 Barneveld Ave.

FRI 1:00 – 6:00 pm
SAT 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
SUN 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Holiday Inn
1500 Van Ness Ave.

Dance Instructors: 2015

Here's our list of instructors to date!

Jeremy Box

Jeremy Box (Long Beach, CA) has taught for 25 years American Smooth & Rhythm, International Standard & Latin, Argentine Tango, West Coast Swing, and Country Two-Step, competing in all styles and receiving numerous awards. He is an instructor at the WWLA and debuted at the Stompede 2 years ago. Currently, he teaches West Coast Swing at Oil Can Harry’s in Los Angeles.

Rick Dominguez

Rick Dominguez (Los Angeles) has been a country-western DJ for over 20 years. He has taught and choreographed line dances for the past 20 years in the Los Angeles area, merging pop and country styles into a unique style of dance. Rick is also the founder and lead choreographer for the award-winning line dance troupe, The LA Wranglers, now in its 13th year.

Jim Drew

Jim Drew (Seattle) has been dancing country-western since 1990, teaching and choreographing since 1994, and competing since 2005. He is a DJ, instructor, and hoedown co-chair for Rain Country Dance Association in Seattle. He has performed with the San Jose Spurs, the San Francisco Saddletramps, and Seattle's VisQueens and Rain City Rhythm Riders. He medalled in Line Dance at the Copenhagen OutGames in 2009.

John Festa

John Festa (New York) learned Lindy Hop at an early age, trained in ballet, and then was introduced to West Coast Swing in the late 1980s. John quickly became a nationally-renowned instructor, DJ, dance stylist, judge, and competitor. He is co-founder of the Gotham Swing Club and the Liberty Swing Dance Championships. He is a member of the DJ Hall of Fame and was inducted as Living Legend of Dance in 2006.

Matt Ellinger

Matt Ellinger (San Francisco) performed with the award-winning Barbary Coast Cloggers for twenty years and served as the Artistic Director from 1999-2009. He finds great joy in clogging, and now teaches the dance form throughout the U.S. Matt Ellinger is a researcher by day and is often seen zooming around San Francisco on his bicycle.

Tim Foster

Tim Foster (Chicago) danced internationally after earning his B.A. in Theatre Dance, then becoming a massage therapist, personal trainer and pilates instructor. In 2012 he started teaching line dances at Charlie’s Chicago on Monday nights. Tim has also worked with the Windy City Cowboys in the capacity of company dance and warm up instructor, and he was choreographer for the company’s 2013 Gay Pride Parade routine.

Lee Fox

Lee Fox (Ft. Lauderdale, FL), IAGLCWDC Dance Competition Director, has been teaching ballroom, latin, and swing dancing for 38 years and CW dancing for over 20 years. He was a finalist in ballroom at the 1998 and 2002 Gay Games and IAGLCWDC champion in 1998. He has judged numerous times internationally. He was a founding member of the 2005 IAGLCWDC champion team Crossfire, and choreographer for the Southern Country South Florida Dream Team, the SunDancers, and Heels On Fire.

Dave Hayes

Dave Hayes (San Francisco) came out to country music in 1993 in Orlando Florida. He started teaching line dances in 1994. Dave jumped right into Sundance when he moved to SF in 2002. Dave has served in many capacities over the years, as a board member of the Sundance Association and as the chair of the IAGLCWDC. He is a regular line dance instructor at Sundance Saloon and is the director of the Sundance Stompede.

Troy Inman

Troy Inman (San Diego) has performed with Banevolks International, Dance Force, and DanceFx, and he is the co-founder and Artistic Director for Contact Dance Theatre - UNstrictly Ballroom. Troy is an aerialist specializing in the "silks" and also performs in the Theatre Arts/Cabaret style of dance. When not dancing, cross-fitting, or hanging upside-down, Troy directs a global education team for

Michael Kaufmann

Michael Kaufmann (Los Angeles) has taught couples and line dancing at Sundance Saloon, Charlie’s Chicago, Big Apple Ranch, Oil Can Harry’s, Wrangler Weekend LA and the Mile High Hoedown. He has DJd at Long Beach and LA Pride. He has performed with the Windy City Cowboys and is a choreographer for the L.A. Wranglers. He is currently a DJ and instructor at In Cahoots Fullerton and Oil Can Harry’s in Los Angeles.

Michelle Kinkaid

Michelle Kinkaid (San Francisco Bay Area) is a 4-time US Open Swing Dance Champion, among numerous other titles and awards including both the World Swing Dance Council National Hall of Fame and the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame. In addition to running her own studio, Michelle has a line of instructional videos, and is the organizer of the Mountain Magic Swing Dance Convention in Lake Tahoe, NV. website

Jon Lee

Jon Lee (New York) is the director/choreographer for the Award Winning Manhattan Prairie Dogs! If you’ve seen them, you love them, if you haven’ t… well get on the stick!! When he is not flicking his heels and twirling his skirt in a Prairie Dog routine he can be found in New York City flicking his heels and twirling his skirt at the Big Apple Ranch. Jon is one of the producers of the Big Apple Ranch, with Susanna Stein and Jonathan Murdock.

John Lindo

John Lindo (San Francisco Bay Area) is one of the best-known west coast swing dancers in the world. After beginning in country-western dance in 1992, he made his mark on the West Coast Swing circuit by winning numerous awards, including first place at the U.S. Open, Grand Nationals, and Phoenix Champion of Champions. John remains an influential presence in the New Jersey/New York City West Coast Swing scene. website

Michael Metzger

Michael Metzger (San Francisco) has been a passionate country-western dancer for ten years. He quickly discovered a love of teaching line dances. Since then he has been a featured instructor in Berlin, Seattle, Boston, Los Angeles, and here in San Francisco at Sundance Saloon and Stompede. His instructional YouTube videos have been viewed over 250,000 times across North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Meredith Stead

Meredith Stead (New York) ran her own studio, Shall We Dance, with her husband John Knapp. Meredith has many choreography and consulting credits for Broadway shows, television and film. She has won a number of same-sex dance competitions and has judged at many LGBT events, including IAGLCWDC events. She and her dance partner Daphna Locker took silver in Standard (Ballroom) in their age category at the 2014 Gay Games.

Susanna Stein

Susanna Stein (New York) traces her country-western dancing roots to San Francisco's Rawhide Bar in the mid-1980s. After moving to New York City, she began competing in and teaching dance, and co-founded the Manhattan Prairie Dogs. In 1997, Susanna co-founded the Big Apple Ranch, New York City's only weekly country-western dance club, which she still runs with Jon Lee.

Rosa Turi

Rosa Turi (Long Beach) has been a country music DJ and line dance instructor for over 15 years. Known for her hip-hopish dance style, she teaches and choreographs line dances to all music types. Rosa currently DJs and teaches line dances in Long Beach at Cowboy Country and Hamburger Mary's. This will be her eighth year teaching at the Sundance Stompede. DJ Rosa's website

Patrick Turnbull

Patrick Turnbull (Los Angeles) caught the country-western dance craze at Los Angeles Gay Rodeo in 1990. When the opportunity arose, he started teaching two-step, waltz and swing at the Rawhide (now Cobra) dance club, Los Angeles area gay pride festivals and rodeos, and privately. With his partner Collie, he brings his easy-to-understand style of teaching to each workshop, reflecting his love of dance and desire to share.

Collie Valadez

Collie Valadez (Los Angeles) has been devoted to country-western dancing since 1990. Along with his humor, he brings his formal training in ballet, jazz and musical comedy to the dance floor, making novices quickly feel comfortable. He has taught in the Los Angeles dance scene since 1997 with Patrick Turnbull, his lover and dance partner of 45 years. His skill has inspired people young and old to move together on the dance floor.

Sara Willis-Hilbrich

Sara Willis-Hilbrich (Washington, DC) has been country-western dancing for almost two decades. She currently teaches weekly west coast swing classes for the LGBT community in DC. In 2009 & 2011 she won IAGLCWDC's intermediate CW couples division. She now competes in mainstream west coast swing events as both leader and follower. She is a founding member of dcRolePlay swing team and loves to play on the dance floor!