Info for Registrants 

Sundance Stompede - Sundance Saloon

If you are going ....

Covid Policies

Here's a quick summary.

  • Show a photo of your same-day self-administered negative Covid antigen test.
  • Provide documentation that you are fully-vaccinated.
  • Do not attend if having any symptoms.
  • Masks strongly advised.
  • Be sensitive to folks who wish their dance partners to be masked.

Please read our Covid Policy page carefully for all the details.

And please note: Carry your vaccination documentation with you, even if you uploaded it to us in advance. A handful of uploads did not transmit to us properly, and we were unable to verify the documentation. And there's always the chance we simply overlooked something.

Your Patience Is Requested

We normally pride ourselves on running a smooth operation. However this year we are anticipating bottlenecks, cancellations, slow-moving lines, misunderstandings, and general chaos. Our procedures and policies are all different from before, and we'll be learning as we go. Please be patient with us! If you see a need, perhaps even offer to help. Thanks so much for your understanding.

Thursday Arrivals

This year we’ll have our Stompede registration desk open on Thursday from 3:00 to 5:00 pm at the host hotel, the Holiday Inn, at 1500 Van Ness Avenue.

If you are unable to check in at the hotel, don’t worry. We’ll have your name and vax status on a list for entry to the Thursday night dance at Sundance Saloon. If you haven’t checked in, you’ll want to show your photo of a negative Covid antigen test at Sundance Saloon. We’ll accept the same test when you check in on Friday. If you uploaded your vax information to us in advance, we expect to have your status with us, but you should carry your proof of vaccination with you just in case we don’t.

Shuttle bus service from the hotel to Sundance Saloon begins at 6:00 pm.

Thursday After-Hours Party at Bell Tower
May 26 • 11:00 pm - 2:00 am
1900 Polk St @ Jackson

After the dancing's done on Thursday evening, we're hosting a special After-Hours party from 11:00 pm to 2:00 am at a local bar/restaurant five blocks from the host hotel. The Bell Tower is located at 1900 Polk Street. Grab a drink at the bar and order appetizers or a full meal from the menu.

Pre-Stompede Activities

DINNER! Wednesday, May 25 • 6:30 pm. Sausage Factory, 517 Castro St. Reservations required (by May 20, please). More info ...

DESSERT SOCIAL! Wednesday, May 25 • 8:00 - 9:00 pm. Castro Fountain, 554 Castro St. No RSVP necessary. More info ...

ALCATRAZ TOUR! Thursday, May 26 • 10:45 am – 3:00 pm. Reservations required by May 20. More info ...

Sunday Brunch

The Stompede Sunday brunch also serves as the general membership meeting of the IAGLCWDC. If you are registered for the Stompede, your brunch is included with no additional charge, but you must RSVP in advance. Check your Stompede account to view your brunch RSVP status.  If you have RSVP'd yes, be sure to collect your brunch ticket with your Stompede registration check-in.

If you are not registered for the full weekend, you can still purchase a brunch for only $27 (plus tax and service - total $35). Log in or create a Stompede account, and look under "Purchases A La Carte."

Friday and Saturday Night After-Hours Parties

The Friday and Saturday night After-Hours Parties are held in the hospitality suite, room 708, in the host hotel. Friday night is a pajama party, and Saturday night is underwear night, so pack accordingly! The patio will be open (and hopefully warm enough to enjoy), but please try to keep your voices down (probably a futile request, but at least we tried).

Friday and Saturday Late-Night West Coast Swing
with new "Steal Zone" Saturday night

The late-night Friday and Saturday West Coast Swing dances start at 1:00 am Saturday and Sunday morrnings in the hotel ballroom. NEW! At the late-night Saturday (Sunday morning) event there will be a section of the dance floor called the "STEAL ZONE," where you are encouraged to take turns stealing each other's partners. This is often dynamic, sometimes campy, and always hilarious. The rest of the floor will be for regular open west coast swing as usual.

Parking and Transportation

We have lots of information about parking and transportation here.


We always have volunteer positions to be filled, sometimes critical. Check out our volunteer page for more information. We expect more than the usual number of last-minute cancellations as well, so please be on the lookout to jump in if you can. Once the Stompede begins, check at the Stompede registration desk for the latest information.

Event and workshop schedule changes

Please check for signage near the Stompede registration desk for the inevitable event or workshop schedule changes.


Please be prepared for tighter security at some of our events. In particular, the Regency Ballroom is planning to have metal detectors and bag searches. You should also always carry your ID for entry to all venues. And we recommend that you also carry your vax proof with you, whether or not we have this on file already.

Pronoun stickers

Stickers with pronoun designations will be available near the Stompede registration desk. You can place the sticker(s) of your choice on your badge. Attendees: please take note of these stickers so you'll know the correct pronouns to use.

Photography at the Stompede

There will be photographers everywhere at the Stompede, both official and nonofficial. Attendance at the Stompede is generally assumed to mean you consent to having your photo taken. If you do not want your photo taken, pick up a red "no-photo" badge to wear, and we will do our best not to include you.


If you reserved your room directly through the hotel, let us know so you can be flagged by the hotel as a Stompede attendee. We are penalized for underbooking rooms and rewarded for booking more rooms. And reminder that if you need to cancel or make any changes to your hotel reservation, you should do that directly with the hotel.