Stompede Covid-19 Policies and Plans

Sundance Stompede - Sundance Saloon


  • Show a photo of your same-day self-administered negative Covid antigen test.
  • Provide documentation that you are fully-vaccinated.
  • Do not attend if having any symptoms.
  • Masks strongly encouraged.

Overview: Covid Policies

Last updated May 17, 2022

Coming up with a strategy to keep the Sundance Stompede as safe as possible, while still offering a comfortable and inclusive event, has been a challenge, to put it mildly. We seek the cooperation and honesty of everyone – that we will all do what we can to protect and take care of each other and ourselves. We have faith in this community that together we’ll make the Stompede a success.

Here is what we’re currently planning. There could still be changes between now and the start of the Stompede.


All full-weekend registrants must provide a photo of a self-supplied and self-administered negative rapid antigen test taken on the day of check-in to receive their pass. (Your phone will report the date and time of the photo.) We would like registrants to provide their own test, though we will have some available on-site. Free tests are available for many of us through the US government, Medicare, or our health insurers.

The US Postal Service just announced a third and fourth round of free tests! This means you can receive up to 8 more tests in the mail, or up to 16 tests if you have not used this program before.

In addition we are requesting that all registrants test themselves some time on Saturday before attending the Saturday night dance. This is on the honor system, and we are trusting that folks will do the right thing to protect their fellow dancers and keep everyone as safe as possible. In fact, we encourage you to test yourself every day.

We highly recommend that folks traveling to San Francisco also test themselves prior to making the long journey, so they don’t risk coming all this way only to have to isolate after they get here.

Walk-up attendees to individual events are strongly encouraged to show a same-day negative test. Untested walk-up attendees will be required to wear a high-quality mask at all times.


Masks will be strongly recommended, advised, and encouraged, but not required. We would like folks to take this at face value: if you are generally comfortable wearing a mask, then please do so to the extent it remains comfortable. If you are not comfortable wearing a mask, then it’s no problem to go without.

Remember that masks help to protect not only you, but others around you. The greater the proportion of folks we have wearing masks at any one time, the less will be the overall risk.

Some attendees will prefer to dance only with others wearing a mask. Even if you are not planning on wearing a mask, it's a good idea to always have one handy for such situations.


It should go without saying that if you have any symptoms of Covid, you must not participate in Stompede events. Symptoms can include: cough, sore throat, congestion, runny nose, difficulty breathing, altered taste or smell, fatigue, fever or chills, muscle aches, headache, vomiting, diarrhea, and more.


We require all attendees to show proof of full vaccination, whether full weekend registrants or single-event attendees. An exception will be made for full-weekend registrants with documentation of a negative PCR test taken within two days of check-in. Registrants can upload their vaccination documentation in advance by logging into their Stompede account by May 23.


We are obsessed with ventilation and filtration! You will see extraordinary efforts to keep the air moving and as Covid-free as possible with open doors, fans, and multiple industrial-strength HEPA-13 air filters. Please do not block the intake or output vents of any air purifiers you may encounter!

Vaccination Documentation Upload

If you have already registered for the Sundance Stompede and would like to upload your vaccination documentation, you may do so by logging into your Stompede account. Under "Account Information" click on the "Covid-19 Vaccination Information" button. Please upload your documenation by Tuesday, May 24. We will not have to process it after that.

If you have already uploaded your documentation to Sundance Saloon, you do not need to upload it again for the Stompede. If you are marked as "verified" and "meets criteria," you're all set and you do not have to upload your vax documentation again, even if the documentation has changes (like if you received a booster). If you uploaded something in the past, but you are not marked "verified" and "meets criteria," something is wrong. In that case please be perpared to show your vax prood when you arrive.

Special Appeal:
Covid Antigen Test Kit Donations

Help us make the Stompede as safe as we can. We would like to amass a large collection of Covid-19 rapid antigen test kits for use at the Stompede, and we are hoping our community will help out by (1) using your own test for our testing requirements, and (2) donating test kits to the Stompede. Bring a box for you, and a box to share!

The US government is providing up to 16 free test kits per household. (A 3rd and 4th round of additional sets of four tests was just announced.)  And, in addition, many of us can receive up to eight additional tests every month through our health insurance provider or Medicare.

Our preference is for iHealth test kits, as that is what our predominant supply is now. But we'll accept any FDA-approved test. 

If you live locally, bring your test kit donation to Sundance Saloon and drop it off in our collection container.


So you're asking for proof of vaccination AND for us to be tested?

Yes, that is correct. The testing is our way of keeping the Stompede as safe as possible in a mask-recommended environment.

Where can I get test kits?

Covid-19 antigen test kits are widely available at drugstores or at online retailers such as Amazon. We will also have some test kits on-site at the Stompede. However, depending on how many donations we receive, we would preferentially allocate our on-site test kits for walk-up single-event attendees, and/or to encourage additional testing through the weekend.

How can I get free test kits?

Every household can get up to eight boxes (16 tests) directly from the US government, but it may take several days for these to be mailed to you. In addition, a separate federal program requires health insurance providers to cover up to four free boxes (eight tests) every month. Some pharmacies may be able to process your purchase on the spot, so there is no upfront cost to you. More likely you will need to make the initial purchase and file a claim with your health insurance. Medicare will also cover up to four boxes (eight tests) every month at participating pharmacies. Here is information for Northern California Kaiser members

When should I administer my test?

Take your antigen test any time on the day that you plan to attend. For full-weekend registrants, take your test on the day you check in. You can take your test in the privacy of your own quarters. Make sure you follow the directions carefully – every manufacturer has a slightly different method. Read your results in good lighting, and remember that even a very faint test (T) line means a positive test. You can also perform your test on-site, but remember that it will take about 20 minutes and there isn't space dedicated for this purpose.

How do I document and show you the test results?

Take a clear photo of your test strip with your phone under good lighting. The photo will have the date and time associated with it. (For most phones, find the photo and swipe up to view the photo's metadata.) You'll show this photo at check-in. Do not bring your test strip to show.

What if I don't have a phone?

This might be one situation where you may need to administer your test on-site and show us the actual test strip.

I'm registered for the weekend. How will Thursday work?

If you are able, please check in at the Stompede registration desk at the host hotel [Holiday Inn, 1500 Van Ness Ave.] between 3:00 and 5:00 on Thursday afternoon and show your negative test to receive your badge. If you are not able to check in at the hotel, we'll have your name on a list at the door at Sundance Saloon. Be prepared to show us your negative test then. You can then use this same photo when you check in on Friday (or, even better, take another test on Friday).

What if I am attending just one or two single events, like the Saturday night Hoedown?

You should self-administer an antigen test on the day of your event and take a photo to show us upon arrival. For walk-up attendees who didn't get the message about testing, we plan to have some test kits on-site. Any attendee who does not present a negative antigen test will be required to keep a mask on at all times.

What if I test positive?

If you test positive, we hope you will do the right thing and isolate and not participate in Stompede events. We will offer refunds to folks who test positive prior to check-in. Please email us at Do NOT come to the Stompede registration desk!

What if I test negative but have, say, a cough or fever?

Please remember that if you test negative, it does not necessarily mean that you don't have Covid. Antigen tests may miss one-third of cases. If you have any symptoms of Covid, you should not participate in Stompede events. Symptoms can include: cough, sore throat, congestion, runny nose, difficulty breathing, altered taste or smell, fatigue, fever or chills, muscle aches, headache, vomiting, diarrhea, and more.

And we should test ourselves again on Saturday?

Yes! A test kit box usually contains two tests. Use the first test prior to check-in and the second test on Saturday. It is not uncommon for a Covid case to test negative one day and positive the next. Full weekend registrants won't have to show this test to anyone. We are relying on the honor system, and the understanding and cooperation of our community to keep the Stompede safe. If you have enough tests, consider even testing yourself every day!

I don't mind wearing a mask, but prefer not to. What should I do?

We suggest that you wear a mask as much as you are able. Give yourself permission to take breaks. Or wear your mask when it matters most, like when it's crowded, or when you are more likely to come in close contact with many others.

I hate wearing a mask. What should I do?

Not everyone has the same tolerance for masks, and we get it. If you find masks intolerable, then you don't have to wear one. We aim to create an environment where everyone should feel comfortable with their choice. Note that single-event walk-up attendees who do not present a same-day negative Covid antigen test will be required to wear a mask at all times.

I'm concerned about Covid. Why aren't you requiring masks?

With so many people coming in from all over, where Covid culture varies widely, and with the long hours of Stompede events, it seems impractical and too huge a burden to require masks. We still hope that a significant proportion of attendees will continue to wear masks. We expect our testing program to be similar to a mask requirement at reducing risk. And our focus on ventilation and filtration is unrivaled. We highly recommend N95 masks as the gold standard for personal protection. The 3M Aura brand is one of the more comfortable N95 masks we've found, available at home improvement stores or Amazon.

What do you propose for mask etiquette policies?

These are uncharted waters, and we may need to adjust as the weekend progresses. Our first goal is to make sure that everyone respects others' choices around masking. At the dance events, if you ask someone to dance who is masked, you may wish to put your mask on as a courtesy, saving you the awkwardness of having to ask. Similarly, at dance workshops, when changing partners, if your new partner is masked, it may be a good idea to put yours on too. It's also permissible to pair up with a like-minded partner and stick with that partner for the duration of the workshop.

Can I send you my vaccination documentation in advance?

Yes, we strongly advise this for full-weekend registrants! Instructions are here. Please upload your documentation by Monday, May 23. We may not have time to process uploads after that. (Single-event attendees do not have the option of uploading your documentation, so you will show this at the door.)

I was unable to upload my vax proof. Is that OK?

Yes, you can show us your vaccination card or a photo on-site. However, please understand that there may be times this causes some delays for you.

Can I show a negative PCR test in lieu of vax proof?

Yes, for full-weekend registrants we will accept documentation of a professionally-administered PCR test taken within two days of check-in. For example, if you check-in on Thursday, your test should have been administered on Tuesday or later. You will also need to show your same-day antigen test. This option is available for full-weekend registrants only, not for individual event walk-up attendees.

I thought the pandemic was over. Why are you doing all this?

The pandemic unfortunately is not over, and cases are rising again in most of the U.S. And while the latest variants seem to cause less severe disease overall, especially among the vaccinated and boosted, it can still be ugly, and there's still the concern of long Covid. We are a community, and it's important to us that we take care of ourselves and each other. To us, this is currently what "living with Covid" means. Once again, we thank you for your undertanding and cooperation.