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Manhattan Prairie Dogs at Hoedown 2015

Registration Information


Get your StompedePass for admission to all events all weekend long, including the Pre-Stompede Dance, Welcome Dance, Hoedown 2017, Stompede Ball, dance workshops, and social events. Also included only with a full-weekend registration: access to host hotel reservations for advance registrants, priority Sunday brunch and premium workshop reservations, shuttle bus service from the hotel to Sundance Saloon on Thursday and Sunday nights, discounted T-shirt, registration packet including the Stompede syllabus CD.

Stompede Pass registration fee:

  • $129 postmarked by July 31, 2017
  • $139, postmarked by Sept. 30, 2017
  • $159 on-site

Consider a host sponsorship for only $50 extra to support the Stompede, receive some additional benefits, and earn a tax deduction for your additional donation.

Advance registration ended September 30.
Weekend passes will still be available on-site.
You can also register on-line now at the on-site price.

Use this link to purchase brunch or premium workshops.


Sunday brunch


We present an optional brunch buffet on Sunday morning! Enjoy the company of your fellow Stompeders as you enjoy a fabulous feast of eggs, breakfast meats, french toast, fruit, coffee and tea, and all the usual breakfast fixin's. 9:00 to 11:00 am, Sunday, October 22. (Workshops begin at 11:00 am.)

  • advance purchase required, not included with the Stompede Pass
  • $20 inclusive of tax and service
  • purchase option available when you register for the Stompede
  • purchase also available separately by logging into your account and choosing the A La Carte menu



T-shirts are $15, or only $12 when purchased with your advance registration. T-shirts are complimentary for host sponsors.

Sundance Association Members:

  • Turquoise, Copper and Silver level members of the Sundance Association receive a $10 discount off the StompedePass.
  • Gold members receive a complimentary admission to the Hoedown or $50 off a StompedePass.
  • Diamond members receive a StompedePass.
  • Platinum members receive a VIP host pass.
  • Membership must be active as of October 19, 2017

No one is turned away for lack of funds. Contact us for further information about Stompede scholarships, volunteer opportunities, and potential alternate lodging arrangements.

Questions? Contact

Stompede dancers

Host Sponsorship

Support the Stompede! Join our family of host sponsors! As a host sponsor of the Stompede, you’ll know that you’re sharing in the success of this great weekend, and all that it does for our community. Each year close to 1/3 of our registrants help us succeed by becoming host sponsors.

Host sponsors receive a special VIP StompedePass which entitles you to all Stompede activities, plus: VIP reception Friday evening, T-shirt, listing as sponsor in the program (if received by Sept. 15), complimentary coat-check at the night-time dances, and our eternal gratitude. Plus, your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law, so your final cost may actually not be much different from a regular registration!

Host Sponsorship:

  • $179 postmarked by July 31, 2017
  • $189, postmarked by Sept. 30, 2017
  • $209 on-site

Stompede dancers

Individual Event Fees

Tickets are available at the door for each event and workshops. Workshops are by day pass only, not per individual workshop. Advance tickets are available only for Hoedown 2017. Admission for all other events are puchased on-site.

  • Kick-Off Dance (Thursday night, Sundance Saloon) - $12
  • Welcome Dance (Friday night, Holiday Inn) - $35
  • Hoedown 2017 (Saturday night, Regency Center) - $60 ($50 in advance - see below)
  • Stompede Ball (Sunday night, Sundance Saloon) - $12
  • Workshops day pass (Friday, Saturday or Sunday, Holiday Inn) - $40 each day
  • Boots Only Dance (Saturday afternoon, Holiday Inn) - $10
  • Bus, Holiday Inn to Sundance Saloon - only with StompedePass

Hoedown 2017 Tickets

Hoedown 2017 advance tickets are available now on-line until October 20. They will also be available at the following locations starting September 1:

  • Sundance Saloon (550 Barneveld Ave., San Francisco) until Oct. 15.
  • Rock Hard (518 Castro St., San Francisco) until Oct. 19.

NOTE: Hoedown 2017 is included with your full-weekend Sundance Stompede registration. If you have a StompedePass you do not need to purchase a separate ticket.


purchase on-line here