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6:30 –11:00 pm
Sundance Saloon
550 Barneveld Ave.

7:30 pm –1:00 am
Holiday Inn
1500 Van Ness Ave.

7:30 pm –1:00 am
Regency Ballroom
1300 Van Ness Ave.

5:00 –11:00 pm
Sundance Saloon
550 Barneveld Ave.

FRI 1:00 – 6:00 pm
SAT 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
SUN 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Holiday Inn
1500 Van Ness Ave.

Volunteer Information

We can't do it without you! The Sundance Stompede s a grass-roots community effort, and we need a virtual army of volunteers to pull it off. We know we can count on you to help. Do one shift, or several ... and feel proud to have contributed to making the Sundance Stompede a success!


Volunteer shifts available as of October 14

Registration (2:45-6:00pm)
Boots Only Ball Coat-Check (3:45-5:15pm)

Set-up (1:00-4:00pm)
Coat-check (11:45pm-1:15am)


Load-out (8:00-11:00 am)



Set-up / tear-down
Silent auction
Workshop DJs
Regency front door / greeters



You can sign up on-line! If you volunteered for the Sundance Stompede in the past few years (or any of the Sundance special events: Castro Street Fair, New Year's Eve, or S.F. Pride) use the same e-mail address and password.

Choose a link to get started:

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You do not have to use this system to volunteer. You can contact the volunteer coordinator with your name, e-mail address, cell phone number, and shifts desired, and we will get you signed up.

Hint: Please add volunteer@stompede.com to your e-mail address book. This system relies on getting messages to you, and we've found that our e-mails are sometimes rejected.

Special note to Sundance Saloon volunteers: This is a different system from our regular Sundance Saloon volunteer system, so you must create a new account for the Stompede system. We suggest that you use the same User ID (e-mail address) and password for both systems.

Problems or questions about logging in with your account? Your account may not be activated. Troubleshoot here. Most problems can be avoided by "activating" your account when requested.



All volunteers receive an invitation to the VIP Welcome Social early Friday evening, plus the satisfaction that comes from contributing to a great event. What more could you want? Well, in addition:

Thursday volunteers receive complimentary admission to the Thursday night dance and Friday workshops.
Friday volunteers receive complimentary admission to the Friday workshops and Friday night dance.
Saturday hotel volunteers receive complimentary admission to the Friday night dance and Saturday workshops
Saturday Regency volunteers receive complimentary admission to the Saturday night dance
Sunday and Monday volunteers receive complimentary admission to the Sunday workshops and Sunday night dance

Super-volunteers who work four different shifts receive admission to all events the entire weekend.



Badge-Checker (Fr, Sa, Su)
Monitors entrance and checks for badge or wristband for admission.
Requires: friendly smile; color vision; enjoys looking at wrists, chests and crotches

Boots Only Ball (Sa)
Assists with admission and clothes-check for attendees, helps with set-up and tear-down.
Requires: comfort with clotheslessness, light lifting, nonjudgemental attitude

Breakfast (Sa)
Sets up and maintains continental breakfast.
Requires: setting out fabulous food stylishly, making coffee, clean-up, early riser

Brunch Admission (Su)
Monitors and manages admission to the buffet brunch.
Requires: Check tickets (or whatever system we end up using), prevent pilfering of eggs

Coat-Check (Fr, Sa, Su)
Check coats and bags.
Requires: money handling (small amounts); light lifting; Mommie Dearest fetish

Dance Floor Build (Th)
Assemble our portable dance floor.
Requires: heavy lifting; use of power tools; enjoys screwing while on knees

Front Door (Th, Fr, Sa, Su)
Handles walk-up admissions to evening dances.
Requires: intensive money handling; friendly smile; maintains cool when busy

Hotel Regency Prep (Sa)
Gather up supplies we need to take from the hotel to the Regency
Requires: some lifting; walking all over the hotel; ability to find loading dock

Load-In (Th)
Move boxes and materials from storage to hotel.
Requires: moderately heavy lifting; own transportation; legs

Load-Out (Mo)
Move boxes and materials from hotel to storage.
Requires: moderately heavy lifting; own transportation; legs still working after dancing all weekend

Registration (Fr, Sa, Su)
Handle Stompede registrations: issue badges, sell T-shirts, answer questions
Requires: welcoming smile; some money handling; knows alphabet. Volunteers may also be assigned to help with T-shirt sales, volunteer check-in, or cashier.
Registration volunteers acting as cashiers must have computer skills and attend a training session at Sundance Saloon October 6 or 9.

Set-Up (Fr, Sa)
Friday set-up at the hotel and Saturday set-up at the Regency (lights, sound, décor, etc.)
Requires: heavy lifting; creativity helpful but not required; opposable thumbs

Silent Auction (Sa)
Early shifts monitor silent auction area, guard against theft, answer questions. Late shift assists with processing of silent auction winners: e.g. retrieving items, accepting payment.
Requires: watchful gaze; friendly smile; can count to 100 without using fingers

Tear-Down (Sa, Su)
Saturday night tear-down at the Regency; Sunday afternoon tear-down at the hotel.
Requires: heavy lifting, packing boxes; legs still working after dancing all weekend

Truck Driver (Th, Sa, Mo)
Drives 15-foot truck for hotel load-in Thursday, load-out Monday; and/or for load-in and load-out at the Regency on Saturday.
Requires: OK this is clearly our most butch volunteer position of the weekend!
Special note: Each day's commitment counts as two volunteer shifts.

Workshop DJ (Fr, Sa, Su)
Uses DJ equipment to play music for workshop instructors
Requires: attend training session; musical ear helpful but not required; enjoys pushing buttons (real and virtual)
NOTE: All workshop DJs must attend one of several training sessions prior to the Stompede.